Stool and stories

An interdisciplinary approach for AMR research

Stool and Stories is the name for the interdisciplinary methodology we, Klasien Horstman, Petra Wolff, John Penders, Christian Hoebe,  have developed to understand every day practices of antibiotics use as well as anti-microbial resistance as a clinical as well as a public health problem. This methodology entails that we consider  AMR as a biosocial phenomenon that links the complex dynamics of biological processes. and behavioral practices. To understand the ecologies of AMR we combine the collection and analysis of stool samples, with ethnographic fieldwork and interviewing, and with surveys.

In the context of this research line we developed several interdisciplinary master research projects.

We did an analysis of the implementation process of a fast test to diagnose AMR in hospital

  • Bergman, M. Fast Antibiotic Susceptibility Test: An implementation assessment. Master Thesis  Global Health.  Maastricht University, 2016

We also initiated a stool & stories approach in a study of AMR in a traveling population of master students in Global Health

  • Hyun Young Park, Antimicrobial Resistance among Global Health Professionals traveling to India: A Mixed Method Study, Maastricht, 2017
  • Matteus Kambale, Impact of travel to India/Manipal on antibiotic resistance among the Global Health Master’s professionals. Maastricht University, 2017