Innovation and society: science, technology, and medicine

Master's programme

 This master’s programme has been launched in 2017 in National Research Tomsk State University and has two specialisations:
  • “Governance of science and technology” and
  • “Innovations for health”

The Participatory Public Health Centre implements the “Innovations for health” specialisation which consists of four courses:

  •  Governing health in changing environments
  • Health systems research and reforms: integrative approaches
  • Making science and technology work for health
  • Bridging healthcare and society

Currently the programme is run in Russian and in the near future it will also be offered in English. Website of the programme (in Russian):


The master’s program “Innovations and society: science, technology, medicine” prepares specialists who, taking into account the understanding of the complexity of social processes, can research, manage, and support the application of scientific and technical developments in the innovation process.

Based on the analysis of real cases and work with data, students will gain experience in social innovation research, analysis of interaction and mutual influence of innovation and society, will be able to develop skills in interdisciplinary research, data collection and analysis, and learn how to work with databases, including patents.

  • Term of mastering the master’s program: 2 years
  • Form of education: full-time (training in Russian)
  • Number of budget places: 10

The program is interdisciplinary and suitable for graduates of different specialties :

  • sociogumanitarnyh (sociologists, anthropologists, historians, political scientists, economists)
  • technical (engineers, IT specialists,)
  • natural sciences (chemists, biologists, physicists, specialists in the field of medicine, biotechnology and biomedicine)

and working specialists:

  • managers in the field of science, innovation, health
  • managers and residents of innovative institutions (business incubators, technoparks, accelerators, engineering centers)
  • innovators and technology entrepreneurs

Diploma and International Certificates

Upon completion, students will receive a master’s diploma from TSU. For individual courses, certificates will be issued from the University of Maastricht (the Netherlands) and the Siberian State Medical University.


Possibility of passing an internship at the University of Maastricht, the Free University of Amsterdam and the University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) with an official certificate.