Tomsk Opisthorchiasis Consortium (TOPIC)

Global Translational Alliance to Fight Against Opisthorchiidae Liver Fluke Diseases

 Who we are

A not-for-profit initiative, founded by experts, the worldwide scientific and industry community to drive translational research and development in liver fluke diseases


To combine the efforts of scientists across the world to fight against liver fluke infections and associated diseases and to bridge the gap between research and industry in search for new diagnostic and therapeutic options


Bring together forces of worldwide preclinical and clinical research community and the local governments, international organizations, philanthropy, industry and patients to fight against the socioeconomic burden of Opisthorchiidae liver fluke diseases

Main Objectives

  • Expanding the knowledge on the prevalence, distribution and mechanisms of transmission of Opisthorchis felineus invasion in Western Siberia
  • Conducting studies on etiology, pathogenesis and long-term effects of hepatic invasion by liver fluke and understanding the association with severe hepatic pathologies including cholangiocarcinoma
  • Development of the innovations and scientific knowledge aiming to improve diagnostic tools and therapies for liver fluke infections
  • Establishing a global experts network on liver fluke infections and developing collaborations and academic exchange
  • Development of educational programs and community work for the population in endemic regions
  • Know How, Knowledge (PhD and Scientists exchange) and Technology Transfer