The Participatory Public Health Centre is an international initiative for research, education, communication and impact.

Our focus is on making health public by working towards understanding and reducing exclusion and inequality in health.









“To understand and actually reduce exclusion and inequality in health we collaborate with stakeholders outside academia, including patients, communities, healthcare practitioners and policy-makers. Participatory Public Health Centre is committed to delivering results that matter and working to make a difference in how public health is conceived and practiced.”
Klasien Horstman
Klasien HorstmanScientific director PPHC
Professor Philosophy of Public Health, Maastricht University

“The Participatory Public Health Centre emphasises active learning by introducing real-life problems and practical assignments in the education. Learners are offered opportunities to not only obtain latest knowledge, but also to develop skills in collaboration, communication, and leadership.”
Olga Federova
Olga FederovaBoard member PPHC
Professor of Faculty Pediatrics Department, SMMU Tomsk

“Understanding health problems and developing effective and inclusive solutions requires working across disciplinary boundaries. Our Centre brings together scholars with expertise in sociology, philosophy, epidemiology, medicine, political science, and business administration. In all our activities we strive to bridge disciplinary divides and develop new methodologies and concepts for more critical and inclusive public health.”
Klasien Horstman
Klasien HorstmanScientific director PPHC
Professor Philosophy of Public Health, Maastricht University

“In our work we challenge multiple exclusions that persist in public health to engage marginalised populations and concerns.”
Olga Zvonareva
Olga ZvonarevaBoard member PPHC
Assistant Professor at Maastricht University (HES) and senior research fellow at Tomsk State University and SSMU


Inclusive Health

Making Healty

“The work of this centre is closely related to the third role of the university, which is social responsibility for the development of the region and of local communities”.
Eduard V. Galazhinskiyrector of National Research Tomsk State University
Eduard V. Galazhinskiy
“Successful public health programmes require support of civil society and need to be attuned to local cultural knowledges. This public centre, established as a collaborative effort between Maastricht and Tomsk, will make an important contribution to the participatory character of public health.”
Rianne LetschertRector Magnificus Maastricht University
Rianne Letschert
“Центр позволил собрать вместе уникальных профессионалов из сферы медицины, социологии, экономики, инновационного менеджмента из трех университетов для исследований в области общественного здоровья, профилактики и здоровьесберегающих технологи”.
Ольга Кобякова,ректор Сибирского государственного медицинского университета
Ольга Кобякова,
“The creation of the Centre allowed to bring together unique professionals in the fields of medicine, sociology, economics, innovation management from the three universities to conduct research in public health, prevention and health protection technologies.”
Olga Kobyakovarector of Siberian State Medical University
Olga Kobyakova
“Работа созданного центра тесно связана с третьей ролью университета – социальной ответственностью за развитие региона и местных сообществ”
Эдуард Галажинскийректор Томского государственного университета
Эдуард Галажинский

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